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What are wax blends??

What Are Wax Blends?

We’ve mentioned “blends” or “wax blends” a few times in this article and mixing different waxes is nothing new in the world of candle making. But what does it mean when we say blends?

To put it simply, one type of wax is mixed with another (or several) types of wax to take advantage of the qualities they possess. For example, coconut wax can be blended with palm wax to create candles with good burning quality and throw.

Blends are usually labeled according to which type of wax is in the majority of the blend. For example, if the candle is made of 51% coconut wax, then it is labeled as coconut blend.

At the end of the day, the type of wax or blend you choose for your candles depend on what you value most. A candle made of coconut wax might seem a bit more pricey than the bigger and cheaper paraffin wax candle next to it but it is important to look at the burn time and scent quality of the candle too.

As always, don’t forget to keep your burning candles within sight. Enjoy your candles and burn responsibly!

At 59th we use coconut soya wax blend, witch doesn't contain any paraffine. Please not that not all of natural waxes are free of paraffine.

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