In this Information guide you will find everything you need to know about the 59th Regiment of Foot and what you can do to start out your boot camp phase. The first thing you need to know is that the 59th is an international regiment but the majority of our numbers situate in Europe.

We only talk and write English only - there will be no exceptions. In regards to timezone, our regiment utilises GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), or in the Summer, BST (British Summer Time). This means that all events you see on the website are set in this timezone.

Our events run on the following days on a weekly rotation.

- Thursday; 19:00hrs - 20:00hrs (GMT) [Recruit & Private Training; rank equivalents may join.]
- Saturday; 18:00hrs - 20:00hrs (GMT) [Training, 59th Hosted Linebattle Event, Promotions and More!]

In the event of you being unable to translate the regiment's timezone to your local timezone, we advise using this tool.


Your in-game username (or character's name) is built out of three things: The regiments number, your rank and your name. Since you have just joined the 59th Regiment of Foot, your name template looks like this:

Your name will look exactly like this in-game. If it was possible to copy and paste in M&B, this is what you'd copy. Of course you can change the 'Name' bit to what you'd personally like; if everyone was called 'Name' it'd get confusing huh? So when you change your name to this, remember to change the end bit. Also please ensure that your ingame name is the same as that on Teamspeak.

After customising your character, you'll be fronted with page after page of banners.

Now which do you pick? Basing on which company you belong to, either: Line, Lights and Cavalry, your banner will differentiate. Take a look at what you should use based on your company:



The 59th Regiment of Foot runs three companies, which by now you might have guessed are: Centre, Rifles and Guards. Here is a little background information on each company:

Line Company "Ancient And Loyal"

- This is the "starter" company per sé. The gameplay style of the line company is that they balance melee and shooting effectively to form the "centre" of the 59th. Line are generically the largest company which attracts a serious amount of attention on the battlefield. However, they are not to be underestimated - those who fight in the line company are fitted with a level head and the ability to fight well even to the last man.

Light (Skirmisher) Company "Moves Like Jaeger"

- The Light Company are the finest shooters in the 59th. They are the fastest and most agile company on the battlefield in terms of combat and tactics. These guys are shooting one moment and gone the next. Tailored to those who love shooting and rapid maneuvering, the Light Company is designed for fast paced combat. Those who join the Lights are from all over the world: America, Europe, Asia and various other locations.

Cavalry Company "Ride To Victory"

- The Cavalry Company are for those who are exceptional on horse back! These top riders are always supporting other company's with their ability to neutralise threats quickly and move around the battlefield in a moments notice. The Cavalry Company is for those who work well in a team.

You may use Service Merits to switch company when you have obtained enough. However, it is at the discretion of the Commanding Officer whether to allow the transfer.


In total, the 59th Regiment of Foot owns four servers:

● Napoleonic_Role_Play
● 59th_Jailbreak
● 59th_Training (Remember to add this to your favourites!)
● 59th_Lights (Remember to add this to your favourites!)

Our normal training night take place on the 59th_Training. When we have an event, or training, show up to the server 10-15 minutes early so we can give out the details. Please do not nag for the server details. They will be pasted into the channel chat or will be placed into the description of the channel you are in for the event.
The details will not be given out via Steam.

Click here for an example of server details in a channel description Click here for an example of server details in a channel description.

So you've finally reached the end of the guide (hoorah!) but now, you need to go through and check that you have completed everything above, so, here's a checklist...

● You have attended at least one training before being allowed to participate in an event.
● You have been given your tags on TeamSpeak (server groups).
● Steam Group: Make sure you have been invited to the correct Steam groups and that you are where you need to be.
● Make sure your username in-game matches the one on the website for convenience sakes.
● Your character has the following name: 59th_Rct_Name (change the 'Name' bit obviously).
● Watch the video about the basic formations below!
● Be sure that you have read this guide carefully!

Should you have any questions, feel free to add any of the following Non-Commissioned Officers on Steam in your respective company. You can find them on our roster.